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Audiobook Narration

From her home studio in Newark, Delaware, Jillian Yetter has narrated over 50 audiobooks. She is a former English Teacher with a love of literature and a talent for bringing stories to life. Her bright, youthful voice is well-suited for many genres but she specializes in Young Adult, Middle Grade, Fantasy, Romantic Comedy, Literary Fiction, and Cozy Mystery.

Narration Voice Samples

"Jillian Yetter adds a little bit of sparkle to everything she does..."


"sounds like Mila Kunis but smoother: velvety, melodic, and expressive."

Audible Listener

"I would forget for long periods of time that it was only Jillian Yetter narrating. I got lost in the words."

Audible Listener

"Jillian Yetter has excellent pacing, humor, and distinctive character voices."

Audible Listener

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